Four C's Delivery

about 2 years agoMarch 28, 2018
Your video was wonderful and has enlighten me on the positive aspects of Catholic meditation.  I say my morning prayers but it's not meditating.  Thank you and will check out your website as I can use resources.
God Bless!
almost 2 years agoApril 22, 2018
Dear Father Bartunek,
For a long time I have been interested in meditation but have been afraid to go into the wrong type of meditation. I was led to your website and am now inspired to apply the 4 C's in my meditation session and in so doing, look forward to a closer relationship with Jesus.  Thank you and God bless x
almost 2 years agoMay 9, 2018
Fr. Bartunek,

This is a great video and is much appreciated.  Have you looked into the App "Headspace"?  Does its method of meditation raise any red flags for you?

God Bless!
almost 2 years agoJune 6, 2018
I loved this video. I have always wondered about being a Catholic and meditation so I finally looked it up. Your video was so enlightening and has taught me a lot - this 4 C’s. May God,s Blessings be with you.
over 1 year agoJuly 11, 2018
Thank you with all my heart for this. God bless x
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